Who we are:

We are a vibrant & pioneer cluster network which unites five clusters from Eastern Europe who are passionate about food and committed to work together on boosting intersectoral innovations, opening new markets and helping SMEs access the global markets.

By joining knowledge, experiences and different competences from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine, we aim to build new cooperation bridges and create new added values resulting from our unique interdisciplinarity, especially in terms of co-creating new, healthy & functional foods.



Our story:

The idea of creating an Eastern European Food Network started in 2016, during the BSR Stars workshop on cluster internationalization in Riga organized by Cluster Excellence Denmark, EEN and BSR Stars. We met one more time during the 4thCluster Matchmaking Conference in Warsaw, where we had very fruitful meetings and signed first collaboration agreements between Polish, Latvian and Lithuanian clusters.In the following months, we started to execute small bilateral projects (such as BSR Innovation Express) and search for funding from various sources to intensify our cooperation. During that process, we discovered that all of us are facing the same challenges related to internationalization and innovation and that’s how the idea of closer integration has emerged. The Eastern European Food Clusters Network is our initiative for long-lasting collaboration and platform to design & execute joint projects.


Our team:

Passionate and multidisciplinary team of five cluster managers with strong experience in cluster development, export promotion and international trade who decided to work together to identify and seize new opportunities for their members in field of innovation, internationalization and sustainable development. We believe that collaborating with people we know, people we like and people we trust in inspiring, safe and effective environment boost authentic innovations, create new values and helps to




Our focus

Our EE Food Clusters Network is focused on new product and services development in food sector, especially in field of healthy & functional food basing on common competences, cross-border complementarities, market needs and new trends. Our core axis are food clusters accompanied by cooperation partners from other industries -traditional, hi-tech, creative and emerging and matched to jointly design and implement innovations that meet international markets’ needs. 

Our activities

  • cross-border cooperation for food innovation in terms of healthy & functional food
  • export promotion and internationalization
  • development of new products based on joint competences
  • mutual promotion as an integrated network of food clusters


Our strength:

  • 100% bottom-up initiative developed by multidiciplinary team proficient in 8 languages - Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish, English, and Portuguese
  • Representation of Central and Eastern European countries with wide network of cooperation partners covering Asia, Latin America and Europe
  • Strong focus on RIS3 and cross-border synergies
  • Passion, perseverance and commitment to work together and innovate together


Our clusters (links and logos):


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